donderdag 25 juli 2013

Recently watched movies


Today I am going to tell you about the movies I watched lately. I don't watch that much movies, these are from a month, I think! I hope you like it.

The phantom of the opera 

The phantom of the opera is a musical. The movie is about the Phantom, a crippled musical genius. He kind of terrorizes the people who work in the Opera House, a building in Paris. He is in love with a young beautiful singer. She is in love with someone else. He tries to win her while he kidnaps her. 
I absolutely love this movie. The music is beautiful, the singers are excellent. My favorite song is 'Music of the night.' My favorite actor in this film is Gerard Butler, who plays the Phantom. I am in love with the voice of that man, wow! 

An education 

This film is about Jenny, a girl from 16 years old. She lives the life her parents want her to live. Then she met David, who is twice her age, and full of life. He shows her everything she wants to see. The life of David attracts Jenny, but it is not as easy as it seems. 
This movie was not what I expected at all, in a good way. I say Carey Mulligan for the first time in Pride and Prejudice, (one of my favorite movies), and she really surprised me, this girl is a good actress. The story was not that good, I have to say, but I liked it.

Never let me go

In their childhood live Kathy, Ruth and Tommy on a boarding school. They are told that they only live as donators and that they will complete, die, in their early adulthood.
This is again a film with Carey Mulligan. It is a sciencefiction movie, and I love it. You can see in the trailer a part where Tommy steps out of the car and screams, that part really broke my heart, it is so sad. It is beautiful acted and the story is very good. I really recommend this movie!

These are the movies I watched recently, I hope you liked it.

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